Is Global Warming Real?

Global warming is defined as apparent increase in the average temperature of atmosphere, planets and seas in recent decades. This phenomenon would continue its jeopardizing eventuality in the times to come.

In the late 1990’s, troposphere witnessed an increase in its average temperature by 0.4 A Fahrenheit. This process of regular increase in the earth’s atmosphere resulted into further detrimental effects that caused the scientists to research about the causes behind these climatic changes. The reckless human activities were one of the opined causes, which lead to global warming.

Increase in green house effect due escalation in the concentration of the amount of green house gases especially carbon dioxide has resulted to such after effects. The amount of these gases undergoes inflation also due to the agricultural practices, land denudation and the exploitation of fossil fuels.

The projections of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have revealed that during the 1990 and 2100, there would be an increase in the temperature from 2.5 –10.5AA F. since it is not practical to predict the augmentation in the percentage of green house gases in the coming years, the accurate value of the temperature increase cannot be calculated. In addition to it, the climate sensitivity is also difficult to comprehend.

There have been many grave consequences of global warming. There has been an increase in the volume and level of sea due to the continuous increase in the melting of glaciers accompanied with the irregular rainfall. These further intensify the environmental conditions through hurricanes, floods, droughts and heat waves.

During the summer months, there has been apparent drying of numerous streams coupled with increase in communicable diseases has caused extinction of several species. The frequency on above-mentioned incidents has quadrupled over the years due to global warming but on the other hand, it’s not the only phenomena to be blamed.

The longevity of carbon dioxide gas in the earth’s environment has been calculated to be more when compared to other gases. So the researched increase in the facts and figures of rise in the level of ocean bodies and sea is not limited only to 2010.

The process of global warming can also be termed as global cooling which took place during the ice age. Though it’s entirely natural, the human activities also have a dominating role in this ordeal due to which reason it has been chosen as the chief subject of many write-ups and research papers.

The alteration in the earth’s pathway around the sun due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide after the industrial revolution is termed as Milankovith cycle. The accumulation of green house gases, eruption of volcanoes, changes in solar movements and earth’s orbit of revolution are some leading causes of global warming.

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