Global Warming History

Nowadays, global warming has emerged as one of the favorite topics of heated debates.  Every man has endowed this crowd pulling moot line with different interpretations and perspectives. This attitude is necessary when the entire revolution to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide has to take place.

According to historical evidences and research it has been found out around fifteen thousand years ago earth was completely covered with ice. Though the termination of ice age came nearly seven thousand years ago, many parts of earth still had to suffer harsh and cold climatic strokes from fourteen to late nineteenth century. Due to this reason, even today this period is better signified as the little ice age.

In 1924, Fourier put forward the theory, which dealt with the trapping of solar radiation in the atmosphere of earth, which later caused the warming process. After wards this phenomenon was termed as Green house effect by Arrhenius in the late nineteen century. Even Callender supported the concept of this whole effect in during 1950.

Due to the harrowing effects of global warming taking far reaching platforms, there were numerous researches and attention paid to this subject. The need to devise systematic and methodical steps to control the climatic changes was felt. After a number of discoveries, researches and scrutinizing it was found that the accumulation and increase in the amount of carbon dioxide caused the phenomenon.

The United Nations panel On Climate Change further stressed upon the need to curb the menace of global warming with the support from all the nations. In 1997, Kyoto Protocol, which was an international agreement, was held to discuss about this antagonizing threat to earth’s atmosphere.

This agreement further made it mandatory for the countries to control their respective emissions of Carbon dioxide. This lead to many acrimonious debates and altercations and only after eight years of wait, this agreement attained its due approval from around one hundred and fourteen countries. In spite of being the largest producer of green house gases, USA and Australia did not root this treaty.

The other countries that had endorsed this treaty slowly and slowly started finding it hard to follow the maintenance and control due to several political pressures and limitations of gas and oil industry. But on the other hand, there are several individual companies, which have materialized this entire concept and in fact reduced the carbon dioxide emission in a commendable way.

The targets specified by the Kyoto Protocol are functioning till 2012. To derive further plan of actions a G8 meeting has been already held.

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