Global Warming Hoax

The world has been divided into two groups with regard to muck talked about issue of global warming. While there are some people, who treat it as a threatening issue, there are others, who consider it no more than a joke.

The people belonging to latter group argue that global warming is the result of natural cycles prevalent in the nature and human activities are not at all responsible for it. It is the view of these people that excessive debate on this topic might hamper the economic stability of countries like USA.

The supporters of global warming as a hoax take advantage of scientific researches in saying that there is no concrete proof available to accomplish the fact that humans are producers of global warming. According to them, this process existed many decades ago, when there was not a single trace of industrial setup.

As far as the issue of ice melting at alarming rate is concerned, this group of people contradicts by saying that an equivalent amount of ice is thickening simultaneously. For the reasons behind heating and cooling of atmosphere, they consider the role of natural processes like volcano eruptions. Thus, these people are popularizing the belief that atmosphere around our planet is filled with greenhouse gases by emission of these gases from volcanoes.

The people treating global warming as a hoax wants to disclose the real motive behind efforts of environmentalists against global warming, however these real intentions are still under dark secrets. These people speak further about oceans, trees and vegetation decay as other contributors towards global warming.

If these people are to be believed, all the above-mentioned entities are responsible for adding methane as a harmful gas to atmosphere. These people consider human activities as contributors to global warming, only up to the level of 1 percent. Thus, by putting a hold on sources like SUVs is going to bring down global warming by a negligible value.

Thus, these believers of global warming as a prank are not ready to blame human activities for global warming. These people trace the history and cite the instances, where natural processes are depicted as major contributors to global warming. However, these people lack scientific foundations to prove their beliefs.

On the other hand, the people considering global warming as a threat are owners of scientific facts to blame human activities for global warming. The issue requires another level of research to prove one of these groups baseless and act according to the beliefs of other.

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