Reduce Global Warming Effects

As responsible citizens of this society, we all are answerable to all types of damages made by human activities to this beautiful planet. And, global warming is an issue, which requires special attention from every individual, as every person contributes his or her share to this problem. We contribute to global warming by setting up industries, driving vehicles and even by using light lamps at our home.

It has been estimates that global warming is going to rule this planet in few years ahead. In order to make it impossible, every person will have to play his role in reducing this effect. This awareness is especially required amongst residents of countries like America, which is considered to be greatly responsible for global warming.

The research has proved that an average US resident is responsible for addition of 6.6 tons of harmful gases to atmosphere. With the advent of new technologies, this rate is increasing at a fast pace and it is an alarming issue.

You need to modify your ways of living to achieve fruitful results in the direction of the emission of greenhouse gases. You simply need to follow a number of useful guidelines to reduce global warming effects:

1. The label of ENERGY STAR on various appliances ensures that the appliance is dedicated to consume minimum amount of power. Thus, the consumers must be aware of this label while purchasing electronic products like computer, cordless, fax machines, washing machines and related goods.

2. Another appreciated method is by providing insulation at your living place. This method brings down the value of your electricity bill and also, allows you to participate in efforts against global warming.

3. You must opt for energy saving lights for your home as well as workplaces. The fluorescent lamps are great instances of such lights.

4. It is a good idea to use faucets, which privilege low flow in your bathrooms and toilets in order to save substantial amount of water. Moreover, you may diminish the wastage of water by using heavy object behind toilet tanks.

5. You may bring down the level of fuel consumed by your vehicle by searching for a job near your place. In this way, you can reduce the addition of greenhouse gases by more than 1500 pounds every year.

6. If you are in the process of availing a new automobile, always ask for miles-per-gallon value of the vehicle. You must also opt for those vehicles, which are specially designed to consume less fuel.

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